Lolita (1962)

Based on Vladimir Nabokov's book of the same title. Lolita's producer James B. Harris saw Marta in a restaurant, and asked if she would like to try out for Lolita. After checking Harris' background, she read for the part. Marta's mother thought the part was inappropriate for her, so she withdrew. Directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring James Mason and Shelly Winters, the title role went to 15 year-old Sue Lyon instead. The 1962 production of this movie created a star out of Sue Lyon; a star that never successfully transcended the teen sexpot image created by the part.
Although Marta was not in Lolita, it still can be credited with starting Marta's career. James Harris made arrangements for Mata to acquire an agent, and soon after, Marta was on the Loretta Young show.

All Fall Down (1962)

Based on the novel by J. L. Herlihy, who also wrote Midnight Cowboy. Berry Berry Willart is worshipped by his younger brother Clinton (Brandon De Wilde), even though Berry-Berry has to be bailed out of jail by his younger brother.  Warren Beatty is Berry-Berry Willart, an irresponsible, reckless, amoral drifter whose relationship with his ineffectual and indulgent parents (Karl Malden and Angela Lansbury) serves as the focal point. When Berry-Berry begins yet another meaningless love affair, this time with Echo O'Brien (Eva Marie Saint), who is a houseguest of his mother, tensions slowly begin to climb. Echo is devastated when she is inevitably discarded, and tragedy and disillusionment bring the film to a disturbing end.
The May 1963 issue of Modern Screen refers to Marta as "a Norwegian-born 16-year-old who made MGM's All Fall Down." Problem is, she's not in the credits, and she's not in the movie. Marta remembers working with director John Frankenheimer, possibly as an extra in the scene where a disillusioned Clinton returns to high school. Only the cutting room floor knows the answer.


The Living Reed (1996)

Based on Pearl S. Buck's book of the same title. Filmed in Korea during the summer of 1996 - currently unreleased.

Cast included Marta Kristen, Lee Majors, Sung Hi Lee (as Hannah), Steven Leigh, Heidi Ahn, Charles Chun, Peter Kwong (as the King of Korea).
In a Feb 1997 interview, Sung Hi Lee reported the film status as being edited in Korea.