Marta Kane has used new media techniques to create a beautiful, shimmering print version of her image "Morning Has Broken"; a signed and numbered archival print on watercolor paper, printed with watercolor inks in an edition of 50 impressions. It is important to note that the print was taken from an original oil pastel by Marta Kristen. Marta worked with “Master” printer Toby Michel, whose shell mark can be seen at the left hand corner on the white print border, next to the number of the edtion, which will be limited to 50. The signed giclee measures a generous 36” by 28”, including the 2” white boarder. It is printed on archival paper and the watercolor ink used in the giclee will never fade.

$600 plus shipping and handling. [purchase here]


Marta Kristen is best known as an actor, most notably as Judy Robinson, the character she played on the iconic television series “Lost in Space.” A few years ago, Marta started painting, selling her original oil pastels to private clients and interior designers. Because her fan base began asking about her work and expressed the desire to purchase her paintings, Marta chose to offer this first limited edition giclee (print) from her painting inspired by the song “Morning Has Broken,” originally written as a hymn for children. Marta says,

“The cleric, Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, tells a story about a family of four: a father, a mother, a twelve year old son and a three year old daughter. The father wakes up thinking about how bored he is doing the same thing day in and day out and grumbles, “Another day.” The mother drags herself out of bed complaining about her part-time job at the drug store where she must deal with people who are sick and angry and she groans, “Another day.” The twelve year old son wakes up thinking about the difficult math test he has that day and mumbles, “Another day.” The three year old awakes, stands up in her crib, looks at the light coming through the window, raises her arms to the light and gleefully exclaims, “Another day!”

This joy of a new day is what I wanted to express in my painting. The doves flow into the frame of the painting and out to the other side. If you look closely, you will find another painting within the print, of birds flying over water at sunrise, becoming the water, and then flying out again into the vast sky. A new day has broken. There is no end. When I named the painting “Morning Has Broken,” I did not know it was a children’s hymn, but now, after being inspired by Fr. Rolheiser’s story, it seems an even more appropriate title. I need to remind myself every day of the gift of life and the hope that comes with each new day.”