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Laura Grabb - Good Bye Earth
(Highland Beats) Catalog#: HB 010
Format: 12" vinyl - Released in 1998, Netherlands
Style: Hardcore

Notes: Also referred to as "Marta Kristen as Judy", which reads on the run out grooves. The 1st press was on bright blue vinyl. Subsequent 2006 repress was black. The title is based on the caption of a Lost in Space trading card depicted on the disc.

Laura Grabb is one of the originators of the Detroit Techno dance sound.

A1 -Beware Of Owner
A2-French Live (U.S.A.)
B1 -Once More Into The Pyramid
B2 -Facing Life In Prison

Sound sample


Relax! with Self-Therap/Ease
Originally published in 1976, this guide to self-administered acupressure is based on the ancient Oriental technique of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Authors Bonnie Pendleton and Betty Mehling published the book in conjunction with seminars they were teaching. The title went through 12 printings, before going out of print in 1986. Used copies are occasionally found through Amazon - follow this link to check availability.
A friend of author Mehling, Marta modeled over 250 photographs of various combinations of pressure point applications, including 4 photos with her daughter Lora to demonstrate how a series of routines can be applied by parents to help their children relax.  
Monochrome Arcade Card
Issued by Exhibit Supply Company  prior to 1964 and distributed throughout the 60's, primarily as an arcade card. The signature is obviously faux. A pre-existing b&w publicity photo was reprinted in 3 3/8" x 5 3/8" format in brown sepia tones. These were predominantly marketed as collectibles in coin-operated arcade machines.There were 16 actresses in the series, including June Lockhart. This photo was also used in an additional set from the same company, identified by blue instead of brown colors. Exhibit Supply Company also released a b&w, 32 piece set of male actor cards that includes Mark Goddard.  More information
Spanish Tinted Postcard
Very little is known about this card. It was apparently released as part of a LIS series. The back says it was printed in Spain. It is a b&w image that has been tinted with limited success (Marta's eyes are green in this image). Based on the cast costumes in other shots in this series, it was produced during first season.
Stars of TV sticker album (Spanish)
Also from Spain, a tinted reproduction from a PR still released from Attack of the Monster Plants episode. The original shot is online here. It is part of a collectors album of TV stars. The reverse has the following text: ASTRO DE T.V.
MARTA KRISTEN, intérprete del telefi, "PERDIDOS EN EL ESPACIO", encarnando do el personaje de JUDY.
(Marta Kristen in the TV series "Lost in Space" plays the part of Judy)
Lost in Space Board Game
Released in 1965 by Milton Bradley. Game consists of a 16x16 board, a directional spinner and various small pieces. The board and box use artwork based on 1st season costumes, not photographic likenesses of the cast. The object of the game is to move across the board, as directed by the spinner, trying to avoid the Cyclops in the middle. The game concept is a generic one used repeatedly by MB (a Land of the Lost game would use the same format 9 years later).