Republic of Togo Postage Stamp (1997)
One of 9 LIS stamps on a plate, each cast member appears at least once. The image is an illustration rendered from first and second season publicity photos. Each stamp is marked with the country (Republique Togolaise) and the stamp's postage value, 250 francs (or roughly 70¢ in US currency).

Although legal postage, these stamps are geared for collectors who buy them without intention of actually using them. Both this stamp plate and the Guinean ones below carry the copyright notice of Space Productions and were licensed by New Line Cinema.

Republic of Guinea Postage Stamp (1998)
One third season group shot divided into 7 stamps. Each stamp is marked with the country (Republique de Guinee) and the stamp's postage value, 1500 Guinean francs (or roughly 31¢ in US currency).

Guinea also released a 9 stamp plate of just LIS aliens, including the Cyclops and Tybo, and three souvenier sheets with one stamp each. These three include Dr. Smith handing the Robot a broom, the Chariot and the Space Pod.