Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I send Marta a message?
A. No. Because of Marta's hectic schedule, the webmaster has limited contact with her. Your best bet is to check on the upcoming events , listed on the front page, to find out where she's appearing, and talk to her yourself. Trust us, not only is she much more charming than Webmaster Dave, she's also *much* better looking.
Q. How do I get an autograph?
A. Again, because of Marta's hectic schedule, she doesn't think it's fair to force people to wait until she has the opportunity to respond to such requests. You're best bet is to get something signed by Marta in person at an upcoming events.
Q. How come you haven't reviewed (fill in the blank)?
A. Probably because Webmaster Dave haven't seen it yet. He's working on it. To be honest, Marta has done a lot of guest appearances on TV, and it's difficult to track down episodic television. Most shows are not as heavily syndicated as Lost in Space, if the show is in syndication at all. If you have a copy of something he hasn't put up yet, drop us a line, we'll talk. 
Q. How did this page come to be?
A. For the long story behind this website, click here.

Q. How do I get Marta to attend an event near me?
A.Have your friendly neighborhood promoter contact us at with details such as dates and locations, and we'll talk.
Q. How can I help?
A. Help find the missing materials we need to complete the filmography.