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The Loretta Young Show (Television Series)
"The Glass Cage"
Bonnie (30 Oct 60 - NBC)
My Three Sons (Television Series)
"Spring Will Be a Little Late"
Peggy Mariner (8 Dec 60)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Television Series)
"The Gloating Place"
(Season 6, Episode 31 - 16 May 61 NBC)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Television Series)
"Bang! You're Dead"
Jiffy Snack Girl (17 Oct 61) 

The Shirley Temple Show (Television Series)

Leave It to Beaver (Television Series)
"Wally And Dudley"
Christine Staples (18 March 61)
My Three Sons (Television Series)
"Going Steady"
Linda Francis (1962 - ABC)
The Dick Powell Show (Television Series)
"The Third Side of the Coin"
Joan Kent  (
26 March 1963)
Savage Sam (Feature Film)
Lisbeth Searcy
Beach Blanket Bingo (Feature Film)
Lorelei the Mermaid
Doctor Kildare (Television Series)
"Four Feet in the Morning" (part 1)
Darlene Landon (3 September 63 - NBC)
The Eleventh Hour (Television Series)
"Four Feet in the Morning" (part 2)
Darlene Landon (September 63 - NBC)
Mr. Novak (Television Series)
"The Senior Prom"
Gail Andrews (14 April 1964 - NBC)

My Three Sons (Television Series)
"A Serious Girl"
Lorraine Pendleton (24 Sept 64)
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (Television Series)
"The Neptune Affair"
Felicia Lavimore (8 Dec 64)
Greatest Show on Earth (Television Series)
Billie Jo (25 Feb 64)

Wagon Train (Television Series)
"The Wanda Snow Story"
Wanda Snow (17 Jan 65)
Lost in Space (Television Series)
Judy Robinson (regular)
Insight (Syndicated Series)
"Is the 11:59 Late This Year?"
5 Oct1969)
The Mephisto Waltz (Feature Film) 
Party Guest (uncredited)
Mannix (Television Series)
"A Game of Shadows"
Aileen (24 Dec 72)
Terminal Island (Feature Film)
Lee Phillips
Once (Limited Release Film)
Project UFO (Television Series)
"The Doll House Incident"
Anita (Season 1, Episode #11 - 20 May 78 NBC)
Just Friends (Television Series)

Battle Beyond the Stars (Feature Film)
Lux of Akira
Remington Steele (Television Series)
"Signed, Steeled and Delivered"
Blonde Assassin (Season 1, Episode 4 - 29 Oct 82)
Gemini Affair (Feature Film)
Fame (Television Series)
"Danny de Bergerac"
Dede Callahan (Season 4, Episode 17-16 Feb 85)

Trapper John (Television Series)
"Eye of the Beholder"
(Season 6, Episode 18 - 24 Mar 85)

Family Feud (Television Game Show)
Scarecrow and Mrs. King (Television Series)
"Rumors of My Death"
Lena Spickens (Season 4, Episode 14 - 23 Jan 87 CBS)
Wildside (Television Series)
"Crimea of the Century"
Ellen Jonsen (Season 1, Episode 3 - 3 Apr 85
Our Time (Television Variety Show)
Herself (season 1, episode 5 - 24 August 1985)
Strange Voices (Made for TV Movie)
(1987) Mona
Murphy Brown (Television Series)
"Fjord Eyes Only"
Norwegian Mother (6th Season - 31 Jan 94)
The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen (Documentary)
30 September 1995
Harvest of Fire (Made for TV Movie)
(1996) Martha Troyer
Below Utopia aka Body Count (Feature Film) 
Marilyn Beckett 
Lost in Space (Feature Film)
News Reporter
Lost in Space Forever (Documentary)
(1998) (TV Special)
Archival Footage as Judy Robinson (Lost in Space Television series)
A&E Biography (Documentary Series)
Jonathan Harris: Never Fear, Smith Is Here
Herself (27 November 2002 - A&E)
On the Edge of Black & White
(2008) (Documentary)
The Bolt That Screwed Christmas
(2009) (Animated Short Film)
Mrs. Ratchet