Battle Beyond the Stars

When the Evil Overlord Sador (John Saxon) and his hideous mutant army threaten the peaceful planet of Akira, it is up to Shad (Richard Thomas) to go in search of mercenaries to defend the planet. And what a group he gathers. Cowboy - (George Peppard) an interplanetary trucker with a cargo hold of laser pistols, Gelt - (Robert Vaughan) a notorious outlaw with a price on his head, Cayman of the Lambda Zone (Morgan Woodward) - last of a reptilian race destroyed by Sador. Together with Saint-Exmin (Sybil Danning), a pair of Kelvins (who communicate by heat), love interest and computer whiz Nanelia (Darlanne Fluegel) and the mysterious collective known as the Nestor, a defense of the planet Akira is planned.

Marta's part in this extraterrestrial version of "The Seven Samurai" is that of Lux, Akiran woman who is fascinated by the laconic Cowboy. Cowboy, who has agreed only to train the Akirans in the use of the laser weapons, is forced into battle when ground troops make their assault. Lux's fascination turns into mutual affection, and to save Lux and her people, Cowboy joins the battle.



  Battle Beyond the Stars - A Movie Ripe for Rediscovery



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