Leave it to Beaver
Wally and Dudley

Wally Cleaver has a problem - his mother's best friend has moved into the neighborhood. June has volunteered Wally to help her old friend's son Dudley acclimate to the new school. Unfortunately, Dudley McMillan is easy game for Wally's friends. And with friends like Eddie Haskell and Lumpy Rutherford, Dudley doesn't need enemies. Wally had his hands full dealing with Dudley in school - now, Eddie has invited Dudley to Christine Staples' party, just to embarrass him in front of the whole gang. But when the record player cuts out, it's Dudley who saves the day. Marta is Christine Staples, Eddie Haskell's current girl and the hostess.


Hugh Beaumont directed this episode.
Original Broadcast:3/18/1961
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