My Three Sons
A Serious Girl

Lorraine Pendleton is a serious girl. She has no time for the childish pursuits of her peers, such as football and sock hops. And unfortunately for Robbie Douglas, Lorraine is also serious about getting married - before he knows it, he's engaged! Can even the sagacious Steve Douglas find a graceful way out of this mess?
Marta's third guest shot on My Three Sons steals the show. It is a testament to Marta's comedy timing that she can make the sincerely serious Lorraine sincerely funny, a deadpan foil to Don Grady's increasingly panicked Robbie.
Original airdate: September 24, 1964 (ABC)
Season Five; Episode 2
Notes: This season was both the last in black and white and the last that aired on ABC. Season Six began the color episodes and the series affiliation with CBS.
TV Land current runs the color episodes of My Three Sons. Check your local cable company for details. has an extensive section on My Three Sons

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