Creation (Christopher Mitchum) washes up on a beach. He awakens to find himself alone. In this barren world, Creation and Destruction (Jim Malinda) exist in balance. Creation makes life, and Destruction, failing in attempts to create, simply destroys.

Then Creation creates Humanity (Marta) for companionship. It takes little time before Humanity becomes a pawn in the bitter struggle between Creation and Destruction.

When Humanity becomes vain and independent, Creation strikes out at her hubris. Unrepentant Humanity begins to embrace Destruction's path, as evidenced by the building of a house of branches (civilization). But soon, Destruction's true nature becomes evident, and Humanity is all but destroyed by the fiery collapse of the house. Creation saves Humanity, and only then does Humanity realize the gift that Creation offers. In a climactic battle, Creation uses the newfound love by Humanity to finally defeat Destruction.

Once was presented at the 1974 Cannes Film Festival.

Once also won the Best Feature Film award at the 1974 Long Island International Film Festival.
Produced by Marianne Heilig and Morton Heilig
Written and Directed by Morton Heilig
Music by Aminadav Aloni
Once is an allegory filmed entirely without dialogue on Isla Espiritu Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Morton Heilig is best known as an early advocate of Virtual Reality applications. In the early 60's, he developed a machine called the Sensorama. The Sensorama combined projected film, audio, vibration, wind, and scents in a manner designed to make the viewer feel as if he were actually riding a motorcycle through Brooklyn rather than simply observing it..
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Morton Heilig: The Father of Virtual Reality


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