Season 1, Episode 3
Original Broadcast: 4 April 1985 (ABC)

Crimea of the Century

Renegade British soldiers, claiming to be members of the Light Brigade from the Crimean War are terrorizing farmers in Wildside County, "confiscating" goods to finance their return to England.
Sounds like it's time for the Wildside Chamber of Commerce to swing into action, but can even these 5 western heroes stand against the onslaught of an entire squad of light cavalry?
Wildside is a show that only lasted 6 episodes, and quite frankly, should have run for seasons - clever dialog, outstanding cinematography and lavish plots - think A-team meets Wild Wild West. Unfortunately it aired against Magnum PI and Cosby, aka 'certain death.'
Marta plays Ellen Jonsen, a humble Norwegian farmer's wife. Unfortunately for the immigrant Jonsen family, they are caught in between the warring factions. 
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20 April 2000

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