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Modern Screen
- May 1963
How to Have a Ball with a Blonde on the Beach!

Teen Screen - June 1963
Let's Go on a Picnic!


July 1965 AP wire
Summer Care For The Eyes

June 1967 AP wire
Your Pleasant Smile Carries A Price Tag

October 1967 AP wire
Care Habits Can
Lead To Bad Posture



August 1977 AP wire
Exercising Can Be Fun

- 13 Oct 1966
Birgit Annalisa Rusanen is the latest Scandinavian actress to find success in Hollywood. Changing her name to Marta Kristen, she is the heroine in a television series called Lost In Space.

Leatherneck Magazine
Leatherneck Magazine for Marines
April 1966

Dodge News Magazine
March 1966

Knit'n Purl