Lost In Space:
No Place to Hide
This unaired pilot gives the greatest insight into Irwin Allen's vision of what the series could have been.
October 16, 1997: The best hope for mankind's survival on an overcrowded planet is deep space. Alpha Centauri will be the site of a new colony of man. These are the selected volunteers who will be the crew of the Gemini-12:
  • Dr. John Robinson
    Professor of Astro-physics at the University of Stellar Dynamics
  • Dr. Maureen Robinson
    distinguished Biochemist of the New Mexico College of Space Medicine
  • Judith Robinson
    age 19, who heroically postponed up her career in the Musical Comedy field
  • Will Robinson
    age 9, recent graduate of the Campdal Canyon Science School with the highest average in the school's history
  • Penny Robinson
    age 11, with an IQ of 147 and a hobby of zoology
  • Dr. Donald West
    graduate student at the Center for Radio Astronomy, developer of the theory on other planets fitness for human habitation that rocked the scientific community.
The Gemini-12 encounters an uncharted meteor swarm, and when the ship's onboard repair systems can no longer compensate, the crew is lost in space. The story begins in 2001, as the Space Family Robinson struggles to colonize a strange new world. The show is very reminiscent of Swiss Family Robinson - an emphasis on the exploration and survival.
The humor is more subtle too - As John reads from his journal as a voiceover, Will chases an alien ostrich. The shot is reminescent of a similar scene in Disney's Swiss Family Robinson (Disney had threatened to sue over Irwin Allen's proposed title for the show - Space Family Robinson). And what is Angela Cartwright's (fresh from Danny Thomas's Make Room for Daddy series) first line in the pilot? "Just wait until Daddy gets home."
The pilot was sent back for reworking - studio executives felt it needed more conflict. A robot and a villain were introduced.
The rest is science fiction television history...