Lost In Space:
The Reluctant Stowaway
October 16, 1997: The best hope for mankind's survival on an overcrowded planet is deep space. Alpha Centauri will be the site of a new colony of man. The crew of the Jupiter-2 are the Professor John Robinson and his family, selected for both their scientific background and their emotional stability. Also aboard are Major Donald West, US Space Corps pilot, and an Environmental Control Robot
There are other countries in more desperate need of new lands, and one such country hires Colonel Zachary Smith to sabotage the mission. Part of the medical team monitoring the Robinsons, he has opportunity to reprogram the the robot to destroy the ship. Unfortunately for the saboteur, he is trapped aboard at blast-off.
Between meteors and rampaging robots, there is little of Judy Robinson, with one notable exception. John Robinson is on the exterior of the Jupiter-2 making repairs. A frayed cord snaps and John is helplessly floating away.
Don West is the only one who can pilot the ship - he can't be risked on a rescue attempt. As Smith vehemently asserts his health excludes his suiting up, Judy declares that she'll go out! By this time, Maureen has already suited up, but hey, it's an indication that Judy won't be just a pretty face in this series!