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After a promising start as a true science-fiction ensemble piece, the second season became more of a camp parody of science fiction, a response to the overwhelming success of arch-rival series Batman. By third season, it was evident from the ratings that another change was needed, and the show began to slowly shift back toward "serious" science fiction. But too little too late to extend the show for a fourth season.

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First Season Season opens with Judy Robinson as a useful and active member of the cast - helping with ship operations, aiding in rescues, and of course, flirting with Don West. As Smith begins to evolve from menace to nuisance, other cast members, most notably Judy, begin to see less and less utilization.
Episode Original Airdate Notes & Synopses
No Place to Hide
The Reluctant Stowaway
Unaired pilot
15 September 1965

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The Derelict 22 September 1965 After an encounter with a rare heat producing comet, the battered J-2 encounters a massive ship with extensive navigational maps. Problem is, the ship in not uninhabited after all.
Island in the Sky 29 September 1965 The J-2 lands on a planet to effect repairs. John gets to play with the para-jets, the Chariot is assembled, and the crew finally gets out the silver suits!
There Were Giants In The Earth 06 October 1965 Professor Robinson discovers the soil of this new planet contains a parasitic virus that mutates the host organism. The result? Accelerated growth, such as found in a 16-meter cyclopean monster!
The Hungry Sea 13 October 1965 The elliptical orbit of this planet first threatens to freeze then incinerate the Robinsons.
Welcome Stranger 20 October 1965 Long lost astronaut Jimmy Hapgood lands on the planet, and could take Will & Penny back to earth.
My Friend, Mr. Nobody 27 October 1965 A lonely Penny invents an invisible friend. Or is it a dangerous alien force?
Invaders From The Fifth Dimension 03 November 1965 Dr. Smith coerces Will into volunteering his brain to power an alien interdimensional craft 
The Oasis 10 November 1965 The drought worsens as temperatures soar. An alien fruit carrying the same metamorphic parasite is accidentally eaten by Smith, causing him to mutate into a giant.
The Sky is Falling 17 November 1965 Aliens arrive, who do not communicate in a way comprehensible to humans. Are they fellow colonists or vanguards of an invading army?
Wish Upon a Star 24 November 1965 Smith stumbles upon an alien device that converts thoughts and desires in reality. Will greed destroy the Robinson?
The Raft 01 December 1965  

Unable to launch the Jupiter-2, the Robinsons plan to launch a small craft, piloted by Major West back to Earth for help. Will and Smith end up in the vessel, but it may not be Earth they land upon.

One Of Our Dogs Is Missing 08 December 1965 A dog launched in a prototype space capsule is found. But is the dog actually an alien threat? 
Attack of the Monster Plants 15 December 1965 Giant cyclamen plants create a duplicate Judy to steal the deutronium fuel.
Return From Outer Space 29 December 1965 Will is transported back to Earth, but no one believes who he is. 
The Keeper (2 parts) 12 & 19 January 1966 An intergalactic collector puts Will and Penny into his collection!
The Sky Pirate 26 Jan 1966 Will befriends a space pirate, who is being pursued by a creature from another galaxy.
Ghost In Space 02 February 1966 An invisible, destructive force that threatens the Robinsons. While the Robinsons figure out how to nullify it, Smith tries to exorcise it.
The War Of The Robots 09 February 1966The Robinson repair a robot, unaware it is evil. Robby the Robot guest stars.
The Magic Mirror 16 February 1966 Penny and the Bloop fall through an alien mirror into another dimension.
The Challenge 02 March 1966 An alien and his son challenge John and Will to a test of strength and courage.
The Space Trader 09 March 1966 The Robinson's food supply is destroyed, and a hungry Smith cuts a very bad deal with a space merchant.
His Majesty Smith 16 March 1966 Smith is selected to be king of an alien civilization.
The Space Croppers 30 March 1966Smith woos the matriarch of a clan of space hillbillies.
All That Glitters06 April 1966 Penny and Smith acquire a neck-ring that turns anything the wearer touches into platinum, including Penny.
The Lost Civilization 13 April 1966 Will must marry a princess he kissed and awoke from suspended animation.
A Change Of Space 20 April 1966 Will returns from a FTL trip into the 6th dimension with his intelligence greatly enhanced.
Follow The Leader 27 April 1966 John Robinson is possessed by the spirit of a cruel alien warrior.
Second Season Season opens
Blast Off Into Space 04 September 1966The Robinsons prepare for a quick takeoff when a spacer miner causes a chain-reaction of earthquakes that will disintegrate the planet.
Wild Adventure 21 September 1966 A green lorelei hypnotizes Smoth into dumping the J2's fuel.
The Ghost Planet 28 September 1966 The Robinsons land on a planet of robots who enslave organic lifeforms.
The Forbidden World 05 October 66Smith, Will and the Robot are captured by hermit and his giant bird, who plan to mobilize an army to destroy the Jupiter 2.
Space Circus 12 October 1966 Will plans to runaway with a traveling space circus.
The Prisoners Of Space 19 October 1966An outer space court accuses the Robinsons of numerous crimes and offenses during their journey.
The Android Machine 26 October 1966Smith accidentally orders an android from an alien catalogue.The Robinsons teach it to be human. Unfortunately, payment is now due on the purchase.
The Deadly Games Of Gamma 6 02 November 1966In order to save Earth from invasion, John must survive an alien version of Russian Roulette.
The Thief From Outer Space 09 November 1966Look for a treasure map, a space thief captures Will, Penny, and Smith.
Curse Of Cousin Smith 16 November 1966Smith's cousin Jeremiah conspires with an intergalactic Mafia to murder Dr. Smith.
West Of Mars 30 November 1966 A space desperado, Smith's exact duplicate, forces Smith to impersonate him.
A Visit To Hades 07 December 1966 Judy and Don descend to Hell to rescue Smith.
The Wreck Of The Robot 14 December 1966Aliens steal and disassemble the B9.
The Dream Monster 21 December 1966 To make his android more "human", a scientist drains all emotions from the Robinsons.
The Golden Man 28 December 1966 Two warriors seeking assistance land on the Robinson's planet, one golden and handsome, one hideous and rude.
The Girl From The Green Dimension 04 January 1967Athena returns with a big, green suitor in hot pursuit. Pretty, handsome, brave, pretty Dr. Smith lands in a love triangle.
The Questing Beast 11 January 1967 A space knight arrives on the trail of a ferocious dragon he has chased across the cosmos.
The Toymaker 25 January 1967 Smith is transformed into a clown, and put into a toy department. Will and the Robot attempt a rescue, and discover a passage back to Earth.
Mutiny In Space 01 February 1967 Will, Smith, and the Robot are shanghaied by a space pirate captain.
The Space Vikings 08 February 1967 Dr. Smith steals the gloves and hammer of Thor. The God of Thunder wants them back.
Rocket To Earth 15 February 1967 Smith befriends a space magician, hoping to steal his spaceship and return to Earth.
The Cave Of The Wizards 22 February 1967A computer traps Smith, gradually takes over his mind and body.
Treasures Of The Lost Planet 01 March 1967A cybernetic head mistakes Dr. Smith for its master and tries to lead him to a priceless hidden treasure. Can space pirates be far behind?
Revolt Of The Androids 08 March 1967Android Verda returns, pursued by an android with orders to decommission her. 
The Colonists 15 March 1967 The Robinsons are captured by Space Amazons. The men are forced to work while the women disappear from the script.
Trip Through The Robot 22 March 1967The Robot is transformed into a giant. Will and Smith recreate "Fantastic Voyage." sans Raquel Welch..
The Phantom Family29 March 1967
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The Mechanical Men 05 April 1967 Tiny warrior robots decide that the Robinson Robot is their long lost leader. 
The Astral Traveller 12 April 1967 Will passes through a space warp into 19th-century Scotland, where a ghost and a monster inhabit an old castle.
The Galaxy Gift 26 April 1967 Penny's must either watch her family die or give up an amulet an alien warned her not to.
Third Season Season opens
The Condemned Of Space 07 September 1967 J2 lands on a cryogenic prison. Smith releases a prisoner. A riot ensues. Robby the Robot guest stars.
Visit To A Hostile Planet 13 September 1967
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Kidnapped In Space 20 September 1967 Warrior androids coerce the robot into operating on their leader. John is killed and Smith is changed into a 9 year old. 
Hunter's Moon 27 September 1967 "Most Dangerous Game" ala LIS. John kills a creature who was the quarry of Megazor and is forced to become the hunted.
The Space Primevals 04 October 1967
 Don and Smith, enroute to cap a volcano, are captured by computer worshipping space Neanderthals. John, Will and the Robot attempt a rescue.  
The Space Destructors 11 October 1967
 Smith finds a device and makes an army of look-alike soldiers to conquering the galaxy. Will falls into the machine, and ends up with Smith's face. Guy Williams duels! 
The Haunted Lighthouse 18 October 1967
Penny meets a Peter Pan-like alien. The J2 encounters a lightship from Earth. Judy gets to help steer J2. Lions threaten Will. Cosmic Storms threaten all. 
Flight Into The Future 25 October 1967
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Collision Of The Planets 08 November 1967

 Space biker hippies are send to destroy the planet without giving the Robinsons time to repair J2 and leave. Smith is transformed into a greenhaired Samson.

The Space Creature 15 November 1967 Jupiter 2 is locked into orbit around a planet which harbors a creature that feeds on fear.
Deadliest Of The Species 22 November 1967
The robot meets one of his own kind. Unfortunately, she is evil incarnate. Sparks fly as robot romance and mayhem ensures.
A Day at the Zoo 29 November 1967
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Two Weeks In Space 13 December 1967

Smith and Will are left to watch the J2 while everyone else is on a mission. Escaped criminals end up in as guests in the J2 as Smith turns it into a resort hotel. 

Castles In Space 20 December 1967
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Anti-Matter Man 27 December 1967 Mark Goddard considers this one of his best as he and Guy Williams do double duty as their evil nterdimensional dopplegangers. 
Target: Earth 03 January 1968 Amorphous clay creatures reprogram the robot, imprison and make duplicates of the Robinsons. It is the vanguard to an invasion of Earth. Will and Smith replace their replacements. 
Princess of Space 10 January 1968 Penny is mistaken for the lost heir to the throne of the planet Beta. 
The Time Merchant 17 January 1968 Smith returns to 1997 on the eve of the launch of the J2. If he fails to be aboard at launch, the Robinsons will die. The robot is sent back to get him on the ship. 
The Promised Planet 24 January 1968 J2 lands on a planet run by 1960's teenagers. Soon, Penny is a go-go dancer, John and Maureen think Judy is an only child, Smith is a hippie and Will is the squaresville key to escape. 
Fugitives In Space 31 January 1968 Smith and West are convicted of helping an escaped criminal and sent to Destruction, the toughest penal planet in the quadrant. Robot and Will attempt a rescue. 
Space Beauty 14 February 1968
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The Flaming Planet 21 February 1968 A giant parthogenic plant and the last of a warrior race threaten the ship. 
The Great Vegetable Rebellion 28 February 1968
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Junkyard Of Space 06 March 1968 The J2 is trapped on a junk planet in space. With supplies contaminated, Smith begins trading parts of the robot for food. On the last broadcast episode of the series, we get to see the pod, the chariot and  the jetpack one last time.